Online Search Engine for Canonical Texts

The ECanon is an XML database of canonical texts, currently containing various versions of the Bible. Additional versions and manuscripts of the biblical text will be added over time, as will sacred texts from other religious traditions. Other important traditional texts will also eventually be present in the ECanon. The ECanon can be searched interactively from the present page, or links to specific passages or searches can be embedded in Web pages. For more information, see the ECanon Help Page.

The ECanon is part of TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism, and it is designed to be a free online tool for scholars, students, clergy, and other interested people. The texts are copyrighted by TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism, but they may be downloaded and used freely for non-commercial purposes. Anyone who wants to use the ECanon, in whole or in part, in a commercial electronic product (online, CD-ROM, etc.) must get permission from Jimmy Adair, the copyright holder, prior to use.

The ECanon is temporarily out of service. Please check back soon!

The ECanon is copyrighted, © James R. Adair, 2001.