Data used in this study is available from the links below.



Format: a file in NEXUS format containing the data used for the maximum parsimony analyses. Data were derived from James_data.txt.

Manuscripts are numbered as follows:

In the MATRIX section, each row is coded information on readings in a single manuscript. Missing data are represented by '?'. Other symbols correspond to those used in ECM. Each column is a variant location, with the address given in char_address_list.txt.


Format: tab-separated text.


Format: tab-separated text.

Differences in coding between James_data.txt and the NEXUS file

Some symbols are different in the NEXUS file (the symbol for a reading in James_data.txt depends on the reading from which it was thought to be derived as well as its current state). The left hand column lists the symbol used in James_data.txt, and the right hand column the corresponding symbol in the NEXUS file (anything not listed is the same in both).

    JsVP    NEXUS               
    '-'     '?'
    'a!'    'a'
    'd!'    'd'
    'i2'    'i'
    'h1'    'h'
    'h2'    'h'
    'e2'    'e'
    'c2'    'c'
    'a1'    'a'
    'b1'    'b'
    'b2'    'b'
    'c1'    'c'
    'i1'    'i'
    'c!'    'c'
    'a2'    'a'
    'b!'    'b'
    'd1'    'd'
    'd2'    'd'
    'e1'    'e'

Matthew Spencer,
10th December 2002